Daylight hours are short in Russia, thus the availability of high-quality artificial lighting for an open tennis court is an vital and relevant task, as it:
- extends play time;
- attracts more players and spectators;
- increases the income of renting the courts, as a result.
Proper court lighting ensures good visibility of the ball that allows players and spectators to follow the course of the game.
     SQUARE PRO LED projectors produced by Italian company SBP S.p.A. ensure high lighting level, excellent visibility of the play, and homogenous light distribution along the Bosco Tennis Club court located at the Luzhniki stadium. All these features were implemented by means of professional lighting engineering, conceptual design and installation works performed by GELIOCITY STK LLC

Projector dimming option based on DALI protocol ensures additional flexibility and comfort within the project. ME6-CS modules are used to control luminaire DALI drivers (2G/3G based CitySense by Deus supported byVEON (formerly known as VimpelCom Ltd)). The control is performed via an app installed on a mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop). The customer can turn any luminaire or a group of luminaires on/off or make it dimmable.