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  • Alerts
  • Devices
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The ‘Objects’ tab. It comprises functions allowing to manage entire floors and separate object groups, and to monitor the groups status. The ‘Scenario’ tab allows to apply a preset scenario. It will be displayed as ‘Activated’.

Within a single group, you can configure the dimming level in increments of 1%. If the group is managed as per the schedule, the dimming level and time of its application are displayed at the center of the circle.

Use ‘group RGB’ to indicate necessary dimming level and configure colors

For groups with a changeable light temperature, you can configure preferred lighting (cold or warm) and make it dimmable.


All system notifications are available on the ‘Warnings’ tab. A flexible data sorting using notifications is available.

Devices list

About device

‘Devices’ tab displays DALI routers and all devices that refer to the DALI bus of the router. Address, status, groups and errors are displayed for each device. You can switch a device on or off.

Control of individual luminaires is available (on/off/dimming). Driver settings can be adjusted (address, groups, scenes, dimming settings).


  • Objects
  • Settings
  • Control
  • Schedules
  • Devices
  • Users
  • Events
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  • Objects
  • Add object
  • Add plan

To start working, it is necessary to create an object and its floors in the ME6 system. It can be done using the ‘Objects’ tab.

When adding an object, fill in all the fields in the dialog window and set a correct time zone.

When creating a floor, fill in all the fields in the dialog window and upload the scheme of the floor.

  • Settings
  • Groups settings

Use the ‘Settings’ tab to create and edit groups. The status of each luminaire can be visualized on a real time basis.

When creating a group, fill in the fields in the dialog window and select a vacant group from 0 to 15. In order to add devices to the group, select the group from the list, press and hold the left mouse button on the luminaire and drag it out to another luminaire that shall be added to the group. A line will appear (colored same as the group), and the luminaire will be added to the group. Then select ‘Apply DALI configuration’.

  • Control
  • Scenarios management

Control is available within the tab. Switching on and off, group dimming including scheduling for such dimming. Select the type of group control: manual, schedule, sensor.

Create scenarios for simultaneous control of several groups. Add groups to a scenario and set an action to be performed.

  • Schedule

Create a schedule to provide for comfortable lighting control. To apply the schedule to a certain area, double click the lighting area displayed in percentage. Adjust the schedule for newly created lighting area by shifting its lateral boundaries. You can select certain days of the week or dates for the schedule to be applied.

  • Devices
  • Adding devices

On this tab, you can examine the service data on every device. Refresh or add a DALI router. Change the parameters of each driver. The ‘Scan’ button is used to provide all devices with new addresses. The ‘Re-read’ button is used to read the data from the devices.

To add a DALI router, its serial number and activation key are required.

  • Users

The ‘Users’ tab is accessible for users with administrator rights. In this section, you can add and edit user accounts and access groups. The access can be granted for a single luminaire or the entire object.

  • Events

This tab will store all the events of the account since its creation.